Monday, December 20, 2010

Maratoons- Chinese tale

I've been busy for the last 5 days with an Israeli animation competition called "Maratoon". We were given 5 days to create a 30 second to a minute of animation and use three elements given to us on the kickoff.
This year the elements were "a Tail" "a Gong" and "Extortion" (The word in hebrew also means rinsing).
I had some spare time on my hand so me and Uri Inks, my regular partner during college years decided to go at it for old times' sake.
It came very close to the way it was back then, especially the lack of sleep, but at the end of it all- for a 5 days' work Im quite pleased with the result.
Oh- one more thing- this movie is played via an Israel stream site, and this site hands out a small cash prize for crowd's choice- and that's based on viewing and  posting a grade
This link takes you to my page in the competition site. It's in hebrew, but on the bottom left are number 1-5- clicking on them rates the film (5 is highest). (Voting is till december 28th)
so if you want you can go over there and click. Share it with your friends! viewing counts too! (This is really low eh?)

****UPDATE- "Chinese Tale" won jury prize in "Maratoons 2010"******

Credits are important!
Director, animator and script- Yoni Goodman
Art Director- Uri Inks
Music and sound design- Uri Kalian


  1. This looks fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  2. Even when I thought I couldn't be more impressed, I am. Wow!

  3. Really nice work, man. Especially considering the time constraints. I'm impressed by all the work on your site!

  4. That's good animation!I like it!
    But Chinese don't have this tale.
    I'm a Chinese,never heard of such stories.
    and that gong's word mean is "safe and sound".

  5. Thanks!

    It's actually a word play- chinese+tail.
    (we, of course, didn't use an actual chinese story for the animation.) The rules of the competition stated we had to use "gong" "tail" and "extortion".

    (We know what the letters on the gong means- this was also done on purpose)

  6. Excellent work, Yoni!