Monday, May 1, 2017

Dark side

I did this one a while ago- just got approval to upload some clips so here they are

The project is for Natalie Assoulin-Trebelio's documentary - "The Dark side"
It tells the story of Moshe Knebel, who survived the Nazi occupation of poland and came back for vengeance.

after his family is exterminated young Moshe Knebel escapes into the forests and has to survive on his own

After years of living alone in the forests, Moshe joins the partisans, and later they join the red army. he learns to fight and kill.

Moshe returns home after the war to find his neighbours looted his home, and his school friends try to murder him.

after escaping his school friends, Moshe is offered to join the U.B (polish secret police)
and proceeds to take revenge on all those who have done him harm.

Director- Natalie Assoulin-trebelio
production- Pie Films
Producers- Osnat Handelsman Keren
                     Talia Kleinhendler
Animation- Yoni Goodman
art- Yoni Goodman