Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dailymation- The Reverse jesus Effect

I just got back from the Cannes film festival this morning, where we presented "The congress" as the opening film of the Director's Fortnight. we had a fantastic screening and a lot of good responses.
Overall this was a very fun week, I got to hang out with my crew who I didn't see for quite some time, and it was great to see the film finally on the big screen!
Yesterday we were invited to a cocktail on the beach (Lots of good food and alcohol), where David Polonsky (The Film's art director) and myself started playing with stuff on the table and animating it, naturally alcohol played a big part in it (in the animation of course!)
so as I couldn't do my regular hand drawn dailymation on the festival, I am proud to present the very first stopmotion dailymation! 

These clips were created in collaboration with David Polonsky, who was also the hand actor and supervised finishing off the Champagne, and with a very cool software called Imotion HD on my iPhone.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Here it is at last! the official trailer for "THE CONGRESS"
This turned out really really great! samples a fraction of the madness :)
I'm leaving for cannes in a day-premire on the 16th.

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Released Images From "The Congress"

Robin in the future (art By David Polonsky and Lena Guberman)
Now that "The Congress" (Ari Folman's new movie, in which I was Director of animation) is a week away from its grand premiere as the opening film of Cannes' Director's fortnight, Ari has agreed to release a few images.
The movie, Which stars Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, Danny Huston, Kodi Smit-Mcphee, John Hamm and Paul Giamatti, is a Half Live action- Half animation (No mix between techniques) very very loose adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's novel "The Futurological Congress".  
Apart from working with Ari, which is always a fun, educational and life altering experience, this was again a collaboration with the multi talented and amazing art director David Polonsky, who this time also did design for the live action shooting in LA and Berlin (I stayed in Israel during the shoot :-( ).
Robin Wright plays an aging actress, who gets an offer to be scanned into the computer and be made forever young. the catch- she must give up her acting career and never perform again. Twenty years into the future, she goes to Abrahama, a drug hallucination based animated city, and there the plot takes a wild turn...

All images are a property of Bridgit Folman Films Gang

 Robin (in her animated form), arrives a the congress (art by Lena Guberman and Michael Faust)

 Dylan (voiced by John Hamm) in one of robin's Hallucinations (art By David Polonsky)
 Robin and Jeff (Voiced by Danny Huston)(art By David Polonsky)

A few Images from the live action:

 Robin, Her son Aaron (played by Kody smit-Mcphee) and DR Barker (played by Paul Giamatti)
 Robin And Al (Played by Harvey Keitel) waiting for the scan
Robin in the scanning machine. the amazing thing about this machine- is that this is THE machine used to scan people digitally- we were shocked when we found this out because this is possibly the most futuristic sci- fi thing we could hope to build as a set, and it's real!
Robin as Her computer generated character "Agent Robin"