Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dailymation- The cape

It's just not the same if the wind doesn't blow through your cape

Done in about an hour and a half

Downloadable Quicktime link (right click and save target as)



  1. Can you approximate how many fp/s and how many frames there are in these?

  2. This one specificly has 45 frames. The other Dailymations range from 40 to 90 individual frame (I think- havn't really checked each one).
    I usually work on threes and fours. Sometimes I'll use twos for fast action and on very fast actions I do ones, but it's mostly based on threes and fours

  3. Thank you. This gives me a good idea, all the information helps.

  4. Wonderful work. I love that sketchy look. Any plans to create a short or feature in this style?

  5. Oh found my question answered about number of frames! The cape one was another one of my favorites!