Monday, December 27, 2010

Dailymation- Kindergarden

Me and my youngest daughter, Noa, going back from the kindergarden
(in her usual "I'm too tired to walk" routine)
Done in about two and a half hours


  1. Wow - had to watch it about 5 times :)
    Really nice movement - feels good to watch :)

  2. Hi Yoni! I discovered your blog from Cartoon Brew. I was already a fan of your work after seeing Waltz with Bashir, and I'm just so impressed and inspired by the concept of "Dailymation." I'm organizing myself and my things to start doing something similar, though not necessarily "daily" (I, unfortunately, have a non-animation day job).

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us!

  3. Hi Yoni
    Great . I specially liked the hug at the end,
    lots of emotion in short amount of time

    Great Blog Man