Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dailymation- Bubbles!

Unlike most dailymations- this was done almost completely in ones. you can't make bubbles work fluids work well otherwise (and it's much more fun)

Done in about an hour and a half


  1. So this one was done drawing each frame separately? Or at least for the most part?

    Looks really cool.

  2. What do you mean by "done in ones"?

  3. "Ones" reffer to the exposure in frames each drawing gets.
    There are 25 frames in each second so when I say Ones it means there are 25 seperate drawings in each second. This is for very fast motion- or for smooth motion.
    Twos mean every drawing gets two frames, meaning there are 12 new drawings for each second (half the work).This is the exposure most animation productions use for normal not too fast motion.
    threes mean 3 frames per drawings or 8 drawings per second and so on.
    In animation productions, you usually use twos, (which look good but aren't as much work) and when you have a fast action you use ones.
    threes and fours are mostly used for sketches.

    In the Dailymations, I usually use threes and twos, and very rarely ones and fours.

  4. Thanks for the explanation! So the fluidity of bubbles require the smoothness of ones, right?